Below is a collection of resources, products and technology that provide further information , advice and help with sleep issues. There are also details of websites that supply products you may wish to try, such as:

  • Sensory support products like night lights, blackout blinds and white noise devices
  • Products to help with a making or keeping a routine including charts, stickers and signs
  • Things to help with your child's comfort such as clothes, beds and bedding
  • Products to help monitor what’s going on in their sleep cycle for example, sleep cycle and sleep diary apps, sensor mats and sound monitors.

The hard part is knowing what may or may not work before you spend your money on them.

We welcome your recommendations and comments on anything that you have tried. These can relate to things that have worked or things that have not been successful for you.  You can email us or post on our Facebook page to share with other parents and carers.