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At Family Fund we believe that all families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people should have the same opportunities as others.

As the UK’s largest charity providing grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people, we hear first hand of the many challenges that families face.
This means we learn more about what support families need and how we can help them remove the barriers they face and help to improve quality of life and inclusion. That is why we asked families from across the UK about how sleep difficulties affect them, leading to the issue of the publication of our report Tired all the Time.

Families told us that they want to be listened to and heard and also to have better access to information and support.

“Families told us that they want to be listened to and heard and also have better able to access information and support.”

In Tired all the Time, parents, carers, siblings and wider family members, told us that they experience significant financial, social and emotional challenges as a direct result of not having enough sleep. They told us that they want to be listened to, heard and also be better able to access information and support.

Family Fund was committed to do more to help these families and looked to a range of partner organisations to see if they would support us to make things easier. Our idea was that if we could try to put all the information and resources in one place, this would make it easier for everyone to see what is available and gain access to vital support. We also wanted to share where the gaps might be in the support on offer so that we can try and work together to help.
That is the purpose of Tired Out.

We know that capturing everything is a never ending task and we are committed to making this site as useful as possible, constantly updating with new information. This site would not be possible without the support of Family Fund and all of the partner organisations who have, and continue to, contribute to the content. It would also not be possible without you – families – and we would like you to share your sleep experiences with us, point us to anything you've found useful (or not!) and tell us what you want to see on this site

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