New sleep project launched in Trafford

night terrors

The Together Trust and Trafford Council working with Dr Rashad Nawaz , Consultant Paediatrician from Trafford CYPS (Children and Young People Service),  have launched a new project called Sleep Tight Trafford to help give children living in Trafford a good night’s sleep.

The pilot is running in Trafford until June 2017 and will feature a range of community drop-in sessions for families promoting the importance of sleep. The first event will take place at the Trafford Centre on Saturday 1 October, where the public can speak to professionals for sleep help and advice.

A series of workshops will also be organised, which aim to improve sleep patterns in children and young people up to the age of 18 affected by autism, behavioural and emotional problems and general sleep disorders or learning difficulties and complex needs to help get the sleep they need.

The Together Trust will also be delivering training to local Trafford health professionals such as health visitors and school nurses enabling them to provide timely sleep help, advice and support to families that they work with.

Chris Hoyle, ASC Sleep Clinic Coordinator at the Together Trust, said: “Sleep problems are very common in children especially those with autism. For many families their child’s sleep problems can last for years and they can have a devastating impact on the whole family.

“Each family has its own needs and this project aims to identify these and help parents ensure their children sleep easier in order for them to reach their full potential.”

Cllr Alex Williams, Trafford Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Adult Social Services and Community Wellbeing, said: “Trafford Council fully supports these sessions as one of its key values is ensuring the health of its residents. I hope everyone with children takes the opportunity to visit these sessions and listens to the information on offer.”

Making sure your child has the right amount of sleep is important to their learning. Advice includes being active in the day, preparing the bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep, having a good bedtime routine without gadgets, blocking out light and getting the right amount of sleep.

Dr Rashad Nawaz, Consultant Paediatrician from Trafford CYPS, added: “The Sleep Tight Pilot is an exciting collaborative project that aims to promote the importance of sleep in children to all professionals and families as a key part of investing in children’s long term health and development.

The project which is led by our Sleep Clinic provision boasts a number success stories including nine-year-old Thomas who came to use the programme after suffering from sleep problems since birth.

Thomas has Lemli-Opitz syndrome which means he has moderate learning difficulties, is on the autistic spectrum, is deaf with a cochlear implant and communicates with a few words and picture symbols.

Thomas’ mum, Rachel, talked about her experience in the clinic: “When I attended the ASC sleep clinic workshop I felt so relieved. Helplessness was replaced with positivity, listening to Chris’s wealth of experience and suggestions to improve sleep for a wide range of issues.

“We are close to leaving him alone in his room to settle with the chair outside the door. I feel confident that by following the advice we learnt from the ASC sleep programme, Thomas will eventually sleep on his own every night.”

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