The Children’s Sleep Charity launch new Children and Young People’s Sleep Manifesto

children's sleep charity sleep help

The Children’s Sleep Charity launched a new manifesto at Westminster on Tuesday, calling for better understanding and support about sleep problems affecting 40% of children and young people across England and Wales.

The manifesto explains three key aims, hoping to inform practice in order improve sleep help and support for children and families. It also looks at the impact that sleep deprivation or poor sleep can have. The charity aims to raise awareness about the importance of sleep, in the hope that more families can have access to free sleep support. This would include better information and support for parents and carers about things like sleep routines, which could help to prevent sleep issues at the earliest possible stage.

Over 50 charities and organisations, including Family Fund, have pledged their support.

Sleep Week 2017 is running from 23rd-27th October – click here to see how you can support the campaign this week.

You can download the manifesto on the Children’s Sleep Charity website.