Keeping the covers on


Mel’s daughter struggled with the transition from cot to single bed, frequently waking throughout the night. She took matters into her own hands, designing a solution to her daughter’s sleep issues, and fidgetbum was created.

Talk us through fidgetbum and how you came up with the idea?

‘fidgetbum is a stretchy piece of material that feeds underneath the mattress and comes over the child whilst they are in their duvet, zipping them in to keep their covers on throughout the night. It has a four way stretch so it gives that slight tautness and keeps the child under gentle pressure. This increases the feeling of security whilst still allowing the child to wriggle around at night, and they can get out of bed if they want to with the zip.’

‘Our daughter had been sleeping though in her cot with a grow bag and was snug and cosy, but when we moved to a bed and duvet, her covers would be kicked off in the night and she’d constantly be calling out for us. So we were getting up throughout the night to tuck her back in. Then of course the next day we had to deal with the repercussions, the tantrums and meltdowns. I told my husband “We can’t carry on like this, there must be something out there.” I knew we couldn’t be the only family to experience this.’ 

‘I was sat with my daughter in the living room and she had her snuggle blanket. I was looking at the blanket and imagined a giant swaddle. It just so happened that the blanket fit perfectly on her toddler bed so I put a zip on it, it was a metre long, and each night she was sleeping through: it worked! I wanted to share this with other parents so we got it patented.’

How can fidgetbum support families caring for disabled or seriously ill children?

‘I think a lot of children like being zipped into fidgetbum for the security factor and the added pressure. It can also be used on any bed so any bed becomes their familiar bed and it‘s part of their bedtime routine.'

‘‘Through social media I have reached quite a lot of parents of disabled children. The feedback was immense; with parents saying their child slept better or was sleeping for longer periods. I am now working very closely with Occupational Therapists and work with a few specific special needs stockists online.’

What are your plans for the future?

‘It’s been a long journey, but an amazing one. I feel we have taken small steps but the right ones and constantly make sure I am listening to my customers. I have been asked moving forward to do one for double beds, so I’ve just had a few prototypes made because it’s quite difficult to get the dimensions right, so watch this space.’

You can find out more about fidgetbum on their website or on our resources page along with additional information about sleep support.