Lack of sleep link to anxiety in children, study shows


Lack of sleep is fuelling anxiety levels among schoolchildren, a survey by a mental health charity has found.

The survey of almost 1,000 pupils aged 10 and 11 and 13 and 14 found that those who get less than the recommended nine hours' sleep on a school night are more likely to worry about issues at school and home.

Almost a third of those affected by lack of sleep said they felt worries get in the way of their school work, compared with 22 per cent of those who sleep well, the survey by mental health charity Place2Be found.

Among those with lack of sleep, 22 per cent said they don't know how to cope with anxiety, compared with 18 per cent of sound sleepers.

In addition, 36 per cent of those with sleep issues said that once they start worrying they cannot stop, while the proportion among those who regularly sleep well is 28 per cent.