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Positive Parenting Workshop On Sleep

  • Maple Walk School, 62 Crownhill Rd, London NW10 4EB. (map)

About This Workshop

Busy Rascals is delighted to announce that we are hosting a 3 hour workshop with bestselling author Sarah Ockwell-Smith, for parents of 0-5 year olds, or those who work with them, focusing on gentle, no cry, sleep techniques.

Do YOU want to learn about...?

* What to expect of child sleep at different ages
* Why so many don't 'sleep through the night'
* The physiology of sleep and related brain development
* How to reduce night wakings
* How to set a good bedtime routine
* How to improve naps
* How to encourage independent sleep
* How to stop bedsharing (or how to do it safely to start with).
* What to expect re. night feeds, and how to wean them.
* Why toddlers and preschoolers still wake at night and how to help.
* How to handle bedtime resistence.

Non-Refundable Tickets.

Super Early bird discounts available.