Sleep medication

How to fall asleep fast

Certain medications may interfere with sleep and if this is something that worries you, or if you think this might be a cause of your child’s sleep problems, talk to your consultant or GP.

Melatonin is a synthesised version of a hormone that our body produces to help us fall asleep fast and is licensed for prescription to adults in the UK. Families report melatonin as an aid in helping their child to get to sleep but, as yet, there is little scientific research into its success or long term effects. It is always best to talk to your GP about all the options available to you in terms of medication.

‘The main treatments available for children and young people with sleep disorders are non-drug treatments, including good 'sleep hygiene'. Good sleep hygiene includes day-to-day things that can be done at home to help children and young people sleep.’ (NICE advice [ESUOM2]).

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