Sleep tips

The sleep problems that your family experiences will be unique to your own set of circumstances, and your child’s condition or diagnosis will be at the heart of this. However, experts suggest that there are a number of things you can do to try to sleep better and make things a bit easier.

We have gathered a number of ‘sleeping tips’ and put them into categories. Click on the photo to take you to a little bit of information about each topic. There are links to further sleep help and information in each.

Sleep Diary

How to make and use your own sleep diary.

Sleep medication

Information on sleep medication and your child.

Sensory sleep needs

Sleep is different for all of us. Find out more about sensory needs.

Food and diet

Find out how diet can affect your child's sleep.

Sleep facts

What do we really know about sleep. Find out more.

Bedroom Environment

The bedroom environment can be one of the most important factors for good nights sleep.

Bedtime routine

Advice on how to establish a regular routine.

Night waking

The facts about what really wakes us in the night.

Teenage Sleep

Teenagers need the right amount of sleep, this can help set a pattern up for life.